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ATS106 dual power transfer controller is a mains / generator automatic switching control module, a microprocessor core, can accurately detect two single-phase voltage of the voltage appearing abnormalities (loss of power, overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency) to make accurate judgments, the delay control ATS switch. Controller has issued mains abnormal delay start function generator signal.

    Main Features:
  • All the way to adapt to the way electricity generation ATS control
  • power supply range (8-35) VDC, able to adapt to different starting battery voltage generator environment
  • mains or power voltage threshold can be set, the normal time delay can be set, generator set start delay can be set
  • mains voltage is abnormal delay can be set, genset shutdown delay can be set
  • 7 LEDs on the panel display operation and alarm status
  • switching relay contact capacity 16A 250VAC, can directly drive switching
  • Generator power relay (GNES START) output contact capacity 5A 250VAC, as passive contact
  • USB programming interface, working for all kinds of delay, power threshold can be set via a PC

DC supply: 8 to 35(1.5VA)
Single-phase AC input: AC30~277V(+20%) 50/60Hz
Relay output:
Relay of close mains &close gens:16A 250VAC
Relay of start generator:5A 250VAC
Delay timers:
Mains Normal delay time:0~3600s
Mains Abnormal delay time:0~3600s
Gens Normal delay time: 0~3600s
Stat generator time: 0~3600s(after Mains is abnormal)
Close time: 0~20.0s
Over close time:0~5.0s
Between close time:0~3600s
Critical value
Mains under voltage:0~360V
Mains over voltage: 0~360V
Gens under voltage: 0~360V
Gens ove frequency: 51.0~75.0Hz
Accessorial input: state can be altered by PC
Operating Temperature Range: -30 to +70℃