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LXC6X0 series controller uses 32-bit microprocessor and embedded system control technology,precision measurement of 16 parameters, 32 programmable inputs, 35 warning protection parameters, 85 programmable output, a total of 121 can be configured parameters. Of which 108 can be configured from the front panel. With LCD graphic display module can display various engine parameters and generator parameters. In many areas is rapidly promoting the use of, such as: small powerplants, biogas power generation, oil power, field engineering, factory, fire pumps, mobile base stations and many other fields. For gasoline, diesel, natural gas, biogas and other power equipment, many well-known enterprises at home and abroad has been widely supporting applications. Completely replace DSE51X0/52X0 series controllers.

    Main Features:
  • Using 128x64 dot matrix LCD display. Four languages: Simplified Chinese, English, Spanish, Russianshowed that 98 percent of the parameters can be set on the controller;
  • All parameters can be using a PC via USB, RS232, RS485 interface, adjust, using MODBUS protocol can achieve "three remote" function; (RS485 is optional)
  • With SMS function, when there is an alarm generator can automatically set 5 phone numbers to send alarm information can also be controlled via SMS turbine generator sets and inspection status. With advanced networking capabilities, via GPRS mobile network and Internet connectivity, in any place where the network can be remotely monitor; (GPRS module to be installed: LXI680)
  • Acquisition and display mains / generator phase voltage, phase current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, power, various engine sensor data;
  • Three fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure, liquid level), two programmable analog sensor can be set to the temperature or pressure or liquid level sensor;
  • Mains overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency warning function, power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, over and under frequency, over current, over power, warning and shutdown protection;
  • Fault history with 200, and can record the fault instant oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, current and other important parameters. When multiple warnings occur, the warning bar will display them in turn, facilitate the analysis of the reasons;
  • With real-time clock, timer switch (monthly / weekly / daily power once and can be set with or without load) function, to automatically maintain;
  • Small, thin, beautiful fire ABS shape, using ultra-small size high current relay, no additional capacity expansion. Is a high performance small generator of choice.

Items Contents
Operating Voltage DC 8.0V to DC 35.0V, Continuous Power Supply.
Power Consumption <3W(Standby mode: ≤2W)
Alternator Input Range:
3 Phase 4 Wire
2 Phase 3 Wire
Single phase 2 Wire
3 Phase 3 Wire

12V AC - 360 V AC (ph-N) 3 Phase 4wire
23V AC - 620 V AC (ph-ph) 3 Phase 3wire
12V AC - 360 V AC (ph-N)
12V AC - 360 V AC (ph-N)
Alternator Frequency 50/60Hz
Speed Sensor voltage VPP 1.0 - 70Vpp(Peak to peak)
Speed Sensor Frequency 10000Hz(max.)
Start Relay Output 10Amp DC28V
Fuel Relay Output 10Amp DC28V
Programmable Relay Output 1 10Amp DC28V
Programmable Relay Output 2 10Amp DC28V
Gens Closed Programmable Relay Output 3 10Amp 250VAC Free output
Mains Closed Programmable Relay Output 4 10Amp 250VAC Free output
Case Dimension 209mm x 146mm x 33mm
Panel Cutout 182mm x 137mm
C.T. Secondary 5A rated
Working Conditions Temperature:(-25~+70)℃ Humidity:(20~90)%
Storage Condition Temperature:(-40~+70)℃
Protection Level IP55: when waterproof rubber seal installed between controller and panel fascia.
Insulating Intensity Object: input/output/power
Quote standard: IEC688-1992
Test way: AC1.5kV/1min leakage current: 3mA
Weight LXC620=0.448Kg LXC610=0.433Kg