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LXC9510 generator set in parallel controller used for more than one or different capacity of generating sets with capacity of manual/automatic parallel system, and is suitable for the single generator constant power output, and the utility grid, generator set can be automatically boot downtime/parallel operation, data measurement, alarm, protection and the "three remote" function.Large screen LCD controller USES a graphical display, can show Chinese, English and other languages, the operation is simple, reliable operation.Has the function of control GOV and AVR can divide automatic synchronizing and load, the controller accurate monitoring of all kinds of working state of the generator set, when the generator abnormal work automatically from the mother comfort, close the generator set, and the fault status is displayed on the LCD.All the parameters can be adjusted using PC through USB interface, can use the PC again by RS485 interface adjusting and monitoring.Its compact structure, simple connection, high reliability, can be widely used in various types of generating set automatic parallel system.

    Product performance and features:
  • 240 * 240 LCD display with backlight, Chinese, English and other languages optional interface and site selection, convenient debugging factory personnel commissioning;
  • CAN BUS interface, CAN be connected with the J1939 efi machine, not only CAN monitor efi machine commonly used data (e.g., water temperature, oil pressure, speed, fuel consumption, etc.), but CAN be by CANBUS interface control up and down, up and down speed, etc.;
  • suitable for three phase four wire, three-phase three-wire, single phase 2 lines, two phase three lines (v) 120/240 50/60 hz power supply system;
  • acquisition and display the busbar/power three-phase voltage, three-phase current, frequency and power parameters;
  • busbar is lack of phase, reverse phase sequence detection, power frequency overvoltage, undervoltage, over, under frequency, over current, over power, reverse power, lack of phase, reverse phase sequence detection;
  • synchronization parameters are: power and bus voltage difference, generator and bus frequency difference, generator and bus phase Angle difference;
  • in the automatic state has a variety of work mode: run without load, load running, on-demand parallel operation;
  • soft parallel/solution column load transfer function;
  • three fixed analog sensors (temperature, oil pressure, liquid level), two programmable analog sensors can be set up as temperature or pressure and liquid level sensor;
  • a variety of temperature, pressure, oil level sensor curve can be used directly, and can be custom sensor curve;
  • control, protection function: to realize automatic diesel generating set starting/stopping, switch close break-brake and perfect protection functions such as fault display,
  • parameter setting function: allows the user to change the parameters setting, within the memory block in the internal EEPROM memory at the same time, also is not lost in when the system is powered off.Most of the parameters can be adjusted from the controller front panel, all the parameters can be adjusted using PC through USB interface, can use PC via RS485 interface adjustment again.Using the MODBUS protocol can achieve "three remote" function; Article
  • with 200 history, real-time clock, timer switch machine (weekly/monthly/boot up once a day and can be set whether or not to bring a load) function;
  • has accumulated A, B and the accumulative running power of A and B, the user can remove the accumulated, convenient for user to statistics;
  • a heater, cooler, fuel pump control function;
  • with functions of maintenance, the maintenance time to action can be set up (a warning, alarm, stop or tripping outage);
  • modular structure design, flame retardant ABS shell, pluggable terminal blocks, embedded installation, compact structure, convenient installation.

Display: LCD(240×128)
Operation panel:The silicone panel stick
Digital input port:8
Relay output:8
Analog input port:5
Communication system:1P2W/2P3W/3P3W/3P4W
Power voltage detection range:(15~360V)V(ph-N)
Power generation, mains frequency range:50/60Hz
Monitoring interface:USB/RS232/RS485
Programming interface:USB/RS232/RS485
The controller power supply:(8~35)VDC
The dimensions:254 * 180 * 44
Hole size:218 x 160
Working temperature:- 25 ~ + 70 ℃