In Stock Product: Harsen Battery Charger

BC3A(6A) intelligent charger device is special for starting storage cell of the diesel motor
1.Charging depend on the storage cell’s charging characteristic. The charging mode designed is “lasting varying mode”, namely it is lasting charging before the end voltage lower than the value preset. After the end voltage of the storage cell higher than the value preset, the charging current will cut down as the voltage of the storage cell reducing. Until to the cell’s valve voltage, charging will change to tiny current charge, this current can just kill the local action of the storage cell, and charge for a long time won’t damage the cell, that is, this charger will not only maintain the full charge stat of the storage cell, but also keep the cell’s life. Charge procedure as the right figure.
2.Use switch resource circuit, make the charger got voltage of wide range.
3.Be able to recognize the storage pile of 12V and 24V.
4.Perfect protection: High and low voltage, over current, over heat and open circuit of the cell.